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In the Brushes and Combs category, discover all our ranges of hair brushes and professional combs, round, flat, triangular or square brushes, in nylon, boar, ceramic or aluminum ... Everything is on Beauty Coiffure. To take care of your hair, Beauty Coiffure works with brands such as Ellepi, Sibel, ghd, Babyliss or even Barburys. Daily brushing is the best technique for healthy hair! It is important to choose it well by selecting a brush adapted to its hair specificity. For brushing, prefer a round hair brush, for styling, square. For everyday use, the oval brush is ideal. The picot brush will help detangle your hair more easily and the soft bristle brush will take care of it. Finally, to choose the size of the hairbrush, do it according to their nature. If they are stiff and / or long, prefer a wide brush. For curly hair, the round brush is more suitable. Finally, if you have fine hair, the natural soft bristle brush will be gentle on your hair.

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