Sibel from hairdressing to beauty

Sibel is a quality brand well known to beauty professionals since it is aimed at both large salons and small institutes. Hairdressers and beauticians use its electric hairdressing equipment every day as their aesthetic equipment. Nail care has even become a specialty of the brand with a wide range of products dedicated to nail-art.

Sibel electric hairdressing equipment

Under the Ultron brand, Sibel designs and develops a whole range of state-of-the-art electric hairdressing equipment. Between curling irons, wave irons, and crimping irons, each device creates all kinds of curls. Ultron hair dryers and trimmers allow stylists to imagine any cut.

Sibel Accessories

From small objects that simplify coloring to essential curlers and other hair clips, each Sibel accessory is designed to simplify the hairdresser's job and maximize customer comfort.

The Sibel nail salon

Expert in gel nails, Sibel Nails offers a whole range of professional nail products. A seasoned prosthetist or lover of beautiful nails, Sibel is launching its line of nail care, semi-permanent varnish, hard gel (builder gel, modeling gel, fiber gel, etc.), acrylic, capsules & glues for false- nails, cleaner and brushes. All the equipment for the realization of nail-art is available on Beauty. All textures are easy to apply, for the greatest comfort of each nail stylist and client.

Sibel aesthetic material

Beauty does not stop at nail salons or electric hairdressing equipment, Sibel offers all the aesthetic equipment necessary for the creation of a complete beauty salon. For home beauticians, the professional aesthetic case contains everything. For the beauty and spa areas, the equipment ranges from massage chairs to hair removal tables.

Sibel hair products

Discover the new Sibel Care hair care line by Sibel , specially designed for professional salons. This hair care line offers essential products for salon professionals. Combining quality and functionality, the Sibel skincare line provides gentle care at a lower cost. For its 5 product lines, Sibel Care has combined naturalness and science. The rich and nourishing formulas of the Sibel Care line offer shampoos and treatments for all hair types and in-salon services.

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