Your loyalty is rewarded!


Earn points on all your purchases and take advantage of coupons on your next order!

You earn loyalty points:

The principle is simple: 1 Loyalty Point is 1 Euro to buy.

50 euros to buy -> 50 loyalty points
100 euros -> 100 loyalty points

Note: When an order is placed, the amount of your order, you can earn loyalty points.  


What are the benefits of this loyalty program?

With your purchase, you get discounts.

1 loyalty point allows you to benefit from € 0.05 reduction

For example, here are the discounts you can receive based on the number of loyalty points:

100 points accumulated, you can receive 5 off

500 points Cumulative allows you to benefit from € 25 discount


How does it work?


As soon as you want, these reward points can be converted into discount coupon valid on your next purchase




Earn points

On each page of our articles have indicated the number of reward points you can win if you order this product. Simply add this product to your cart and submit your order. Your loyalty points will be credited to your account as soon as payment is validated!

When an order is placed, the total gross order will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. The charges do not fit into the calculation of loyalty points.


The rule is simple: to buy € 1, you earn 1 point.

With each order, your total points will be credited the total points loyalty of items previously purchased.

You can convert your loyalty points and get a coupon as many times as possible within the limits of the total points available on your account.


You have a coupon to purchase and now want to use it?


In step 4 of your cart: enter the "Coupon Code" which was sent to you and confirm. This code is strictly personal and not transferable and is therefore usable only with your personal account.

The amount corresponding to the "coupon" will be automatically deducted from your order total (with some exceptions and conditions).