Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals

Wella's Story

In 1880, Franz Ströher created Wella. Since then, the company has specialized in high-end hair products to allow hairdressers to give free rein to their creativity. In Darmstadt, the Wella museum pays homage to its founder by retracing the history of techniques and products used over the past centuries. With 3 research centers, Wella continues to innovate with ranges dedicated respectively to each stage of hair care, maintenance and styling.

Wella Invigo hair care

Wella Invigo is a complete range of professional treatments to treat all types of hair. It consists, in particular, of serum, shampoos, masks, conditioners and leave-in care.
This Wella range is available in different hair care lines : Wella Invigo shine to protect colored hair
- Wella Invigo sun for hair strongly exposed to the sun. These products are specially indicated to moisturize and avoid the negative effects of UV rays on the hair.
- Wella Invigo enriched to hydrate and strengthen all hair types
- Wella Invigo Balance to treat more especially oily hair, with dandruff or sensitive scalps
- Wella Invigo Volume Boost to restore volume to fine hair
- Wella Invigo Blonde Recharge for natural, colored or lightened blonde hair.

Wella EIMI hair stylers

Wella EIMI is the range of sprays, gels, waxes and mousse developed to personalize and structure a hairstyle.
Wella styling comes in 6 lines :
- Wella EIMI volume curls and fixes all types of short or long hair.
- Wella EIMI finish are fixing mists to work and sculpt the hair. They are recommended for medium and long hair.
- Wella EIMI smoothing prevents frizz.
- Wella EIMI texture fixes short hair to create original hairstyles.
- Wella EIMI shine which will give shine to the hair while fixing it.
- Wella EIMI Nutricurls , styling products specially designed for wavy to curly hair.

Wella Professional hair dyes

Wella colorations is the brand's emblematic range. Under this generic name, she has multiplied the lines to allow colorists to create endless shades and personalize their work:
- Koleston coloring with a palette of 130 shades stands out for its quality, its covering power on gray hair and a formulation enriched with 25% moisturizing agents.
- Illumina Color is a permanent coloring that brings reflections and treats the hair.
- Color touch by Wella colorations does not contain ammonia and is eliminated naturally after a few weeks. It is perfect for those who like to change their look frequently.
- Blondor is a complete line of products created to bleach without damaging the hair and to obtain all the shades of blond worked in mass or in strands.

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