Bodymania, by Stara Mydlarnia

The Bodymania brand of face, hair, body and bath care products comes straight from Poland. More than 15 years of work have made it possible to develop a range of products recognized and rewarded by designer competitions. Today, Bodymania is distributed in 27 stores across Europe. Discover a multitude of products with natural, vegan and ecological formulas. The ingredients of natural origin are carefully selected for their virtues and their benefits.

Bodymania for skin and hair

Among the many Bodymania products, try solid soaps and shampoos. Composed of 95% natural ingredients, Bodymania solid soaps cleanse and treat the skin differently depending on the active ingredients selected:

Goat milk to soothe, nourish and hydrate
Argan oil to firm and smooth
Manuka honey to eliminate excess sebum
✽ Sea buckthorn to protect from the sun
Sandalwood to nourish
Vitamin C to illuminate the skin
Snail slime to regenerate and elasticize
Hyaluronic acid against the signs of aging
Activated charcoal to detoxify
Damask rose to tone
Lavender to purify

Complete your beauty routine with fruity 2-in-1 bar shampoos with grapefruit, green tea, honey, moringa, goji berry, plum and fig, mango and seaweed. Save time, money and take care of the planet with this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formula. These solid handmade shampoos can be used for 65 to 80 washes.

In addition to solid skincare products, Bodymania has designed various skincare ranges based on a specific active ingredient. Receptura will take care of you with a whole range of Aloe Vera products. The Argan line comes to the rescue of dry skin and damaged hair. Shea products, rich in vitamins A, D and E, soften, soften and protect sensitive skin and brittle hair. Finally, for these gentlemen, the Citrus Wood range brings together the essentials: a beard oil, a solid soap, a shower gel and a body and hair gel.

Bodymania in your bath

No need to take a bath every day. But sometimes, difficult to resist after a difficult day or period. All the more reason to make this moment something unique with Bodymania bath bombs. Each of them are made by hand. The natural active ingredients they contain disperse gently in water to take care of the skin. Cashmere, cornflower, rose, orange juice, peony, watermelon... Choose your bath bomb for these virtues, its color and its fragrance. Your bath will become a real spa!

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