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Matrix, much more than hair care

Matrix is more than a hair care brand, it's a truly inclusive community that welcomes all hair types and people. Its mission is to develop hyper-targeted solutions for each hair type by collaborating with renowned laboratories and its global network of passionate hairdressers.

Matrix, an inclusive and environmentally conscious brand

Inclusiveness is at the core of Matrix 's commitment. That's why the brand created the Hair Diversity Matrix, an essential tool that guides them in designing products and training hairdressers to meet the needs of each client with confidence and expertise.

But her commitment goes beyond hair inclusivity. Matrix cares about our planet and our impact on the environment. This is why the brand is committed to reducing its ecological footprint, from its offices to the daily lives of its consumers.

Every new formula Matrix develops is designed to be more environmentally friendly. The packaging is made from recycled plastic.

Matrix, a range formulated for every need

Each hair type will find its perfect care routine thanks to Matrix:

A curl Can Dream : Moisturizes and strengthens curly, frizzy and frizzy hair
Brass Off, Dark Envy, So Silver : Neutralizes unwanted undertones in colored hair
Color Obsessed and Keep Me Vivid : Maintains colored hair
Food For Soft : Hydrates dry hair
High Amplify : Brings volume to fine hair
Mega Sleek : Controls unruly hair
Miracle Creator : Multi-purpose care for all hair types
Unbreak my Blonde : Maintains blonde hair

By choosing Matrix , you join a community committed to respecting diversity and the environment. Together we can make a meaningful difference in the world of beauty and beyond. Let's take a step forward towards a more inclusive, responsible and sustainable future.

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