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The ROSEGOLD credo: enhance your natural beauty.

The idea of a range of French cosmetics specializing in growth germinated in the minds of the ROSEGOLD team in 2019. They were deeply touched to see that some women, under the influence of social networks or out of a desire to assertiveness, felt compelled to change their appearance to feel beautiful and feminine. To refuse his true and natural image to conform to an ideal of fantasized perfection was not healthy according to them. Their objective was therefore to change the mentalities of the cosmetics industry by proposing a new vision. ROSEGOLD believes that it is important to reveal the potential of each rather than to press on gaps to be filled.

ROSEGOLD, eyelash and eyebrow specialist

Their goal was to highlight the own beauty of each woman without artifice and to awaken the magic that lies dormant in her to help her regain confidence and empowerment, because each woman is already everything! They also found that eyelashes and eyebrows were often overlooked in the care routine, and deserved as much attention as hair and skin. This is why they wanted to offer natural alternatives that respect health and the environment to boost the original potential of each woman while enhancing their unique beauty.

ROSEGOLD, an immediate success

In 2020, ROSEGOLD Paris launched in Europe with its flagship serum, ROSELASH, for eyelash growth. This innovative serum has been a huge success all over the world, now counting more than 150,000 customers. Building on this success, they completed their range with ROSEBROW, an eyebrow serum. Today, ROSEGOLD offers a range of 6 products and plans other great surprises to come.

ROSEGOLD, a committed brand

ROSEGOLD has continued to accompany thousands of women in more than 11 countries, helping them to naturally boost their femininity in complete safety. Taking care of women is part of ROSEGOLD's DNA, and they participated in the edition of October Rose to help women with cancer or in remission to restore strength to their appendages weakened by chemotherapy. ROSEGOLD has become the benchmark for growth serums and is today the number one best-selling growth serum brand in France. With ROSEGOLD Paris, every woman can enhance her natural beauty and see life in Rose.

ROSEGOLD eyelash growth serum, Number 1 in France

The ROSEGOLD Paris eyelash growth serum is to be discovered. Composed of natural ingredients, this serum is made in France and does not contain oil or perfume. It contains vitamins as well as powerful high-concentration active ingredients such as Biotinyl GHK or Biotin. Use ROSELASH eyelash serum for thicker, longer eyelashes in just months. This serum is number 1 in France!

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