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Rated green, a brand committed to the skin and nature

Rated Green is a Korean hair care brand that focuses on natural and environmentally friendly formulas. The brand is committed to the use of natural and organic ingredients to create gentle, yet formidably effective hair care products. Rated Green has spent over 15 years specializing in hair care in Asia. As a premium natural hair care brand, Rated Green is committed to preserving the nutrients of natural ingredients in its formulas to care for hair from root to tip.

Rated Green formulas and packaging respect the environment

Their products are made from plants grown without pesticides or herbicides, and the brand uses environmentally friendly packaging, such as glass bottles and bioplastic tubes. Rated Green is also a transparent brand about the ingredients it uses in its formulations, and strives to be as eco-friendly as possible throughout the production process.

Rated Green a complete skin care line

The Rated Green hair care line includes all the hair beauty routines you will ever need. Shampoos, moisturizers, scrubs, leave-ins and masks to care for all hair types and scalps. All of the brand's products are gentle and non-irritating, making them suitable for sensitive scalps.

Rated Green also stands out for its commitment to more sustainable practices, reducing its carbon footprint by using eco-friendly shipping methods and avoiding animal testing. The brand's products are certified Vegan. Rated Green is a Korean hair care brand that focuses on sustainability and ecology, while offering high quality products that are suitable for all hair types.

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