Wella Professionals - Invigo Hair Care and Care

Find all the Wella Professionals ranges on Beauty Coiffure, the German brand awakens your senses and treats hair types. All the ranges are available according to hair needs, for fine, thick, colored hair, etc. Wella Invigo is a very innovative hair care line, made up of several ranges: Color Brilliance for colored hair, Nutri-Enrich for intense nutrition, Volume Boost for fine hair lacking volume, Blonde Recharge to maintain and beautify blond hair, Balance for sensitive scalps, Sun for hair exposed to the sun. Also discover the Premium ranges from Wella Professionals: Fusion to intensely repair the hair fiber, Elements provides exceptional hair care and protects it from external aggressions, Oil Reflections for dry, damaged and brittle hair, it will bring more softness and shine. The Nutricurls range, which is also a Premium range from Wella, is intended for curly and wavy hair. Wella's ranges are made up of the following products: shampoos, conditioners, treatments, masks, sprays, etc. It's all about Beauty Coiffure.

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