Formul Pro

Formul Pro

Formul Pro is a brand of professional hair styling products. The Formul Pro teams have developed a whole line of technical and hair care products suitable for professional use in hairdressing salons. Impeccable quality and practical formats at low prices have enabled the brand to become a true ally of hairdressers.

A proven oxidation coloring

The Formul Pro oxidation coloring is very qualitative. Formulated with argan oil, this coloring cream does more than color the hair, it sublimates it. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties will prevent the usual drying out of the hair following a coloring treatment. In addition to argan oil, the formula of Formul Pro hair color is rich in vitamins E. These will strengthen the hair fiber. The hair is soft, shiny, healthy and strong. The pigments present in Formul Pro colorations have been rigorously selected, and the components are stable for reliable and professional results. More than 90 shades are to be discovered, from warm reflections to cold reflections through sublime coppery nuances. Oxidizers, developers, technical products… Choosing Formul Pro means choosing simplicity and quality at a low price.

Simple and adapted care

Formul Pro offers a whole line of treatments adapted to the needs of each type of hair: dry, very dry, colored, highlighted, oily, unruly ... Each range is short but effective. All the ingredients have been rigorously selected for their virtues:
- Argan for damaged hair ,
- Keratin for unruly hair ,
- Cottonseed oil for colored hair ,
- Shea butter forvery dry hair ,
- Grapes for blond hair,
- Ylang milk for frequent use ,
- Zinc for oily hair with dry ends .
No surplus, these treatments made in France are simple and efficient. Best friends of hairdressers, Formul Pro hair care products also offer a range of re- pigmenting treatments to come to the rescue of fading colorations.

A tailor-made look with Formul Pro

Want a style to your image without constraint? The Formul Pro professional styling line brings together the essentials of hairdressing: gels, lacquers, waxes, foams. Because Formul Pro thinks of professionals as well as individuals, you will find styling in professional format but also styling in mini format to be carried everywhere with you!

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