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Discover the KARBON 9 brand, offered by ShopHair. Distributor of the biggest brands of products, ShopHair offers a very complete catalog. The KARBON 9 brand introduces next-generation technical products that enable Bamboo's activated charcoal-based hair coloring, bleaching and hair care services. Discover on Beauty Coiffure the hair care, with shampoos, leave-in treatments and hair masks and the coloring, technical products and bleaching powders from KARBON 9.

◼️ KARBON 9 hair care

Thanks to its purifying and detoxifying properties, the use of charcoal eliminates impurities linked to stress and pollution. It will restore vitality, softness and shine to your stressed hair. You will find in hair care, a range made up of shampoos, hair masks and leave-in care. KARBON 9 hair care products are designed for sensitive scalps, hair stressed by chemical treatments, external aggressions and pollution.

◼️ Coloring, bleaching and KARBON 9 technical product

The innovative formulation used offers new generation technical products that allow for coloring, bleaching and toning services. The absorbent properties of charcoal make it possible to obtain a more reliable, pure and homogeneous result. It will restore vitality, softness and shine to your stressed hair. You will find a series of blondes with a cool blond chromatic effect. KARBON 9 coloring will lighten and deposit a pigment to neutralize hot reflections on natural hair.


Since ancient times, charcoal has been used for its purifying and detoxifying properties of the skin. It removes impurities and deposits linked to pollutants and stress. It restores purity, vitality, softness and shine to stressed hair. The presence of natural oils promotes hydration and protection of the hair during the lightening service, while maintaining a healthy and soft condition of the structure. KARBON 9 treatments use 9 natural extracts including 3 oils: Neen, Black Cumin, Baobab to protect the hair. 3 exotic fruit extracts: Mango, Papaya, Pineapple for their energizing virtue for the hair and 3 plant extracts: Nettles, Achilles and Sage to purify the hair.

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