Jylor, a story of passion

Expertise and product quality are Jylor's priority. Passionate about luxury cosmetics, the brand's history began in 2017. A small, young and dynamic team, passionate about cosmetics, which started the adventure with two complementary and unique products: a cleansing mask and a moisturizing serum for the face with 24 karat gold. Their goal: to sublimate the natural beauty of each. A moment of relaxation in front of his favorite series, a break during the children's nap, a spa session at home before a date to impress him, a beauty touch-up before setting the slopes on fire with friends ...

24-carat gold, a treasure of beauty ...

The use of gold is an ancestral practice, gold was used in the past for its healing and anti aging properties. In antiquity, Cleopatra also made good use of gold since she used masks based on this precious skincare ingredient, to revive the radiance of her complexion. Gold is one of the softest metals, it is easily absorbed by the skin, which gives it influence at the cellular level. Indeed, in the form of very small particles, gold is a material biocompatible with the skin and thus adapts to all skin types, even sensitive and reactive skin. Known for its anti-aging, anti-acne and anti-toxin properties, this precious metal reduces the oxidation of collagen fibers. It regenerates new healthy cells, returning your skin to its natural glow.

A wide range of face and body treatments 100% made in France

A Jylor product is entirely French. From its design, to its manufacture, ending with its dispatch, the Jylor team manages everything in France. Each cream, each oil offers you a unique sensation and moment of pleasure.

Gold at the service of your face:

24 carat gold elixir
The 24 carat gold face mask
24 carat gold day cream
24 carat night cream
Detoxifying facial foam
The face scrub
The lip scrub
The detoxifying face mask
The micellar lotion

And your body care:

The sweet gold mist
The body scrub
Slimming body oil
Body moisturizer

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