Global Keratin

Global Keratin

The history of the GKHair brand formerly Global Keratin

In 2007, the GKHair brand was founded by Van Tibolli who still leads the company. He sees to the research of new products, their distribution and their good application through the Academy of Fort Lauderdale . This institute opened in Florida receives all hair professionals. GKHair develops ranges of innovative and original products.

A rare property used in GKHair treatments: Juvexin

To guarantee high quality hair care, the brand uses Juvexin found in sheep's wool. The range of shampoos and hair care is developed from the properties of Juvexin and allows for perfect smoothing and avoids the formation of frizz. It maintains the hair and makes it easier to style.

Beautiful hair, every day

Gkhair shampoos, formerly Global Keratin, wash the hair without removing the keratin. They preserve the texture and strengthen the hair sheath. Shampoos without sodium chloride are sold in doses of 300 ml or 1000 ml.
GKHair conditioners complete these shampoos which were awarded by Harper's Bazaar in 2014. Based on Juvexin and also formulated without sodium chloride, they facilitate detangling and smoothing. These conditioners revitalize the hair and restructure it in depth.
The styling GKHair allow to achieve perfect smoothing.

Hairdressing professionals for straightening have the choice between:

Brazilian smoothing GKHair,
♥ The Leave-In cream,
♥ The Leave-In spray.

The spray and the cream are designed to penetrate directly into the hair fiber. They do not require rinsing and they make the hair shiny, soft and disciplined.
For smoothing THE BEST SYSTEM GKHair is the latest innovation from the Brazilian smoothing specialist. This formulation is enriched with an additional 30% of keratin to restore suppleness to damaged hair and eliminate frizz for a long time. THE BEST SYSTEM deeply repairs the hair.

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