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WAHL 100 years of experience

WAHL celebrated 100 years as a leader in professional electric hair clippers and consumer hair clippers. Hair care products and services are trusted in homes and by professionals around the world.

In 1911, Léo J. Wahl discovered the electromagnetic motor. He understands that he can use this kind of engine to make a medical masseur with J. Frank Wahl, his uncle. As a student, Leo designed the masseur and his uncle Frank began construction in a small Illiloise factory, in Sterling.

Real success, Frank Wahl begins to market their new invention, especially to barbers. Leo understands that he can also use this engine to perfect their cutting tools. In 1919, he took over the family business and founded Wahl Clipper Corporation which would become, and remain, a leader in the hairdressing industry.

A century later, WAHL continues to design the same products and services as Leo J. Wahl did 100 years ago. Wahl products remain the most innovative. Proud of their career, WAHL teams attach great importance to integrity and efficiency.

Barber's Paradise

WAHL offers many kinds of electric lawn mowers . With or without wires, cutting or finishing, classic or design, everything you need for professional services is in the catalogue. A real paradise for barbers looking for reliable and high quality tools.

Cutting mower ,
Finishing mower ,
5 Star Series ,
Accessories .

Its comprehensive catalog has been developed to meet everyone's needs. Wahl clippers owe their reputation to the quality of the equipment, but also to their ability to offer ever more trendy designs. At a time when vintage and the traditional are reclaiming their place, Wahl is offering a whole special 5 Star Series range with very elaborate finishes.

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