Kérastase or excellence for the hair

The Kérastase brand has been distilling its hair expertise for more than 50 years. Committed to sublimating women and men with innovative treatments, Kérastase products are the result of a perfect match between scientists and hairdressing professionals. While the success of its "Baigner, Traiter, Texturiser" concept has never wavered, the French brand offers an ever more personalized sensory approach. Kérastase extends the salon experience and allows everyone to perpetuate their home care ritual.

From living room to home

As a prestigious ally of hairdressing professionals, the Kérastase teams have worked tirelessly to design treatments that meet the specific needs of each hair type:

○ dull with Ultimate Elixir
○ colorful with Reflection
○ Dry with Nutritive
○ blondes and highlights with Blond Absolu
○ sparse and fragile with Genesis
○ brittle, damaged and thin with Resistance
○ curly, frizzy, frizzy with Curl Manifesto
○ mature with Chronologist
○ Rebels with Discipline
○ sensitive scalp with Specifique
○ all hair with Aura Botanica and Fresh Affair
○ exposed to the sun with Soleil
○ loss of density with Densifique

Each range is composed of different treatments allowing the implementation of a complete professional routine in 3 gestures: bathe, treat and sublimate. Baths, masks, creams, milks, foams, serums, oils, sprays... the many Kérastase care products have a formulation, texture and smell adapted to the needs of each hair and make each application a moment of well-being .

Prestigious exclusive salon treatments

Alongside hairdressers, Kérastase offers treatments reserved for professionals. Fusio-Scrub cleansing scrubs from Kérastase are specific treatments to be adapted to the precise needs of the client in the salon. Formulated with essential oils, these tailor-made scrubs deeply eliminate sebum, pollution particles, product accumulation and impurities for a healthy scalp and enhanced hair.

As a finish, Kérastase offers K Water, the resurfacing lamellar treatment for blow-drying that makes the difference. K Water allows you to offer your client perfect hair in record time. This professional gesture allows a shiny hair fiber, hydrates and without irregularities. How ? Devoid of water, K Water is a combination of glycol and protective agents. The water activates the power of the protective agents which then form a thin lamellar layer on the hair fiber and smooth out the irregularities.


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