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Take care of yourself and the environment

At the origin of the brand, an awareness of the impact of humans on our environment. The earth is a living organism of which we are a part Indeed, it is estimated that there are between 5 and 50 billion plastic fragments in the oceans, which can be ingested by marine fauna and which can end up in our bodies.

It is from this idea that Mïmare was born, a brand of hair care products with vegan formulas and a high percentage of natural ingredients. In its etymological origin, Mïmare is made up of two terms: mare ('sea' in Italian) and mimar ('to pamper', to treat someone or something with affection and delicacy). This play on words represents their social commitment, both to people and to the environment.

Out of ecological awareness, Mïmare only offers products that have a high percentage of natural components . Their light and flexible packaging contains less plastic than traditional packaging, thus minimizing its carbon footprint during transport.

Its commitments

• Eco-responsible packaging with 67% less plastic.
• Quality products guaranteeing highly natural and biodegradable ingredients
• Caring for and respecting animals with vegan products
• Ensure that their actions harm the environment as little as possible by paying particular attention to the degradation of our seas and oceans.


Mïmare hair care

Mïmare offers products for each type of hair: dry , curly , rebellious , colored , blond , normal or brittle , with at least 91% ingredients of natural origin, vegan and with 100% recyclable packaging. Each segment is composed of a short and effective routine with a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask and sometimes a leave-in treatment.

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