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Sebman: A range of products only for men

Launched by Geri Cuzansa and John Sebastian, the brand has specialized in professional hair care products and products, regularly distinguishing itself with innovations in this field To meet the demand of men who have become more and more concerned in recent years with their appearance and the quality of hair care, she has developed Sebman, a range of products and styling products for men

Care for the beard and hair of men "Slashers", those who do not want to be categorized

This range of hair and beard care for men includes twelve different nourishing and styling products They are formulated with components selected to specifically treat the nature of hair and beards mascuines for them to obtain effective and reliable results this range dedicated to men allows them to express their personality and their style freely by using these care that will control and embellish their haircuts, mustaches and beards

Compounds based on guarana extract, with a light scent of pink pepper and bergamot, the products are available to meet all stages of maintenance of hair and hair They say:

  • - shampoos: SEB MAN The Purist formulated with zinc and The Multi-Tasker a 3-in-1 cleaning gel to wash the hair on the beard and body,
  • - a refreshing tonic: The Cooler gives a sensation of freshness to the scalp and density to the hair,
  • - conditioners: The Smoother to moisturize and disintegrate hair and The Fixer strong fixing spray resistant to moisture and effective for 24h,
  • - Mineral Clay: The Sculptor clay with its pleasant texture gives a matte finish to the hair and creates hairstyles style "coiffé-décoiffé" or otherwise very structured,
  • - an ointment: The Dandy slightly sets the hair to create soft and natural hairstyles,
  • - Gels and a fixative spray: while The Player allows a medium fixation and a glossy finish The Hero Remodelable Gel fixes the hair but gives the possibility to transform the hairstyle in the daytime
  • - an oil: The Groom disciplines the hair and the beard and brings them shine and softness
  • - A shaving cream: The Protector belongs to the care for the beard Designed for all types of hair, its emollient power softens and facilitates shaving meadows without risk of cuts

Find the full range of men's styling products from the Sebastian Professional brand and take advantage of their qualities to create and take care of male hair and beards These high quality products, presented in a sober and elegant black and green packaging, will perfectly maintain all hair types by also providing them with a perfect finish Men can, in turn, embark on the creation of stylish hairstyles in connection with current trends

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