Olaplex, from the living room to the home.

Olaplex is a revolutionary hair care line, which has a total of 47 patents filed around the world . Coming from California in the United States, it is mainly intended for sensitized , dry , coarse hair, having been confronted with different technical services: coloring, bleaching, highlights, sweeping, straightening, perm ... The goal? Protect and care for the hair fiber at all times , from salon service to home. True dressings for your weakened and brittle hair, Olaplex products are composed of a unique synthetic ingredient , kept secret, respectful of the hair (without mineral oil, silicone, DEA etc) and not tested on animals. The Olaplex ritual consists of almost 10 precise steps : steps 1 and 2 are carried out in the salon during the technical service, then the treatment continues at home with the rest of the products in the range. With Olaplex, the hair is sublimated , stronger , more shiny and guarantees your color a much better hold. The clear and legible packaging of the Olaplex range will allow you to easily and simply set up your hair routine for optimal results.

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