Decléor & the extraordinary power of essential oils

At a time when the beauty industry mainly used chemical ingredients, two women imagined a more natural cosmetic based on essential oils. Rich in therapeutic virtues, these treatments 100% from nature would be a healthier alternative to skin problems (lack of luminosity, sign of aging...). Since then, Decléor has worked alongside women every day to offer them physical, mental and emotional well-being.

A precious treasure of Beauty

Rare are the plants that produce essential oils (less than 5%). A real treasure, they are a natural remedy that protects and regenerates the skin. Each drop of essential oil is rich in active molecules (glycolic acid, hyaluronic, lactic...) and offers body & mind antibacterial, antioxidant, soothing benefits.

Decléor treatments meet the needs of different skin types (dry, sensitized, marked, loose, etc.) thanks to several types of product: serum, cream, balm, gel or even fluid. Each skincare range uses an appropriate essential oil:

○ Rosemary for oily skin
○ La Rose d'Amascena for sensitized skin
○ Sweet Orange to unify
○ Neroli Bigarade for dry skin
○ Green Mandarin for lack of light
○ Lavender fine to firm
○ White Magnolia to regenerate
○ Eucalyptus to heal
○ Aloe Vera for protection

A sincere commitment to nature

To take care of nature as it takes care of us, Decléor is committed to using sustainable and renewable resources. The laboratory teams search the world for the best essential oils (the purest, the richest...). Powerful, they are carefully mixed in face and skin care. To obtain the best results and guarantee consumer safety, this delicious cocktail of active ingredients is checked by aromatherapists, olfactotherapists and formulation engineers.

Decléor face and body treatments are all formulated with natural ingredients (95% on average). The Aromessence serum-oils are even 100% natural. To offer trusted products and limit the risk of allergies (essential oils are powerful), each formula is controlled in the laboratory, tested and approved under dermatological controls. Thus, Decléor makes the promise of effective, safe and very sensory care.

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