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Welcome to the world of K-Beauty

K-Beauty is Korean beauty: complex treatments for smoother, brighter, rosier and more radiant skin than ever! CosrX combines ingredients and simple packaging to deliver high-quality skincare at an affordable price. The products use key pharmaceutical ingredients such as snail mucin, ceramides and AHA and BHA acids, highly regarded chemical exfoliants, for optimal results wrapped in one simple solution.

CosrX toners

The Korean skincare routine is done in several steps. Once the cleaning is finished, it is necessary to use a suitable toner to prepare your skin and to purify it in the evening. This toner immediately rebalances the water level of the skin. Once hydrated, it better absorbs the care you apply afterwards. Only, all skin is different, so it is important to choose a suitable CosrX toner. The secret of K-Beauty is to use specific ingredients to respond to each problem. Whatever your constraints, cosrX offers a toner that suits you.

Pharmaceutical ingredients with undisputed powers

Snail mucin, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol, AHA/BHA, hyaluronic acode, Propolis or even ICCA, each skincare range focuses on a specific ingredient. This allows them to treat different problems: signs of aging, acne, redness, imperfections, dehydration, lack of light or clogged pores. Compose your CosRX skin care routine with a complete offer: cleansers, exfoliators, toners, serum, cream, mask, lip protection or anti-UV care.

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