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Fruity dental whitening made in France

Who hasn't dreamed of a sparkling smile? We have the solution ! Discover Keith. This pretty brand was born from the fusion of the words kiss and teeth . Colorful and tangy designs, fun and gourmet fragrances... teeth whitening at home will become a real pleasure! La petite française offers kits tested in the laboratory, reliable and containing only 0.1% peroxide. The goal: to create a pleasant, unique and trustworthy dental whitening experience, for use with your eyes closed!

Colors & fragrances that make the difference

To stand out from its competitors and conquer the hearts of the French, Keeth has developed a very wide range of tastes. From coconut to mint to lemon, complete dental whitening kits are waiting for you! 30 minutes is enough to obtain a visible result. Easy, fast, fun, what are you waiting for to try? Each kit is presented in a colorful and attractive packaging gathering everything you need.


How it works ?

Teeth whitening at home is easy with Keeth! Your complete whitening kit is easy to use and can be reused 5 times. It is composed of a colorful packaging including a gel with the taste of your choice, an LED lamp, a syringe, instructions and a color chart. Spray a few sprays of stain remover spray on the toothbrush and use it for 1 to 2 minutes. Soak your gutters in very hot water (not boiling) so that they are malleable. Put them in your mouth and bite down. Remove the tab. Remove the lamp cover and use the color chart to set the tint. Once the preparation is complete, the whitening begins! Put 1ml of gel in your gutters and place them on the teeth. Place the lit LED lamp between the lips. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes the first time, then 30 minutes for subsequent uses. Brush your teeth and clean the trays properly.

Make the results last

To complete its range of dental products, the laboratories and the Keeth brand have worked hand in hand to develop daily products such as baking soda toothpaste and charcoal powder. Maintain the results with a bamboo toothbrush that does not sensitize the enamel and whose bristles are soaked in charcoal.

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