Sibel Nails - UV Gels for Nails

Sibel gels are made from the latest UV / LED formulas, specially developed to shorten the application time of manicures. They require shorter catalyzation times and less filing, making treatments more enjoyable for the client, easier and faster for the professional. All Sibel gels catalyze under UV and LED light. Held for 3 to 4 weeks. Each Sibel gel has unique qualities, for unique performance. Builder gels (strength 1) combine flexibility and strength to allow you to shape a perfect manicure. Full-coverage builder gels provide perfect camouflage. The 3-in-1 gels (strength 1) are easy to use and suitable for all beginner nail stylists. Modeling gels (strength 2) and fiber gels (strength 3) offer even more creative options when it comes to building nails, nail art and applying extensions.

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