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An innovative brand

Talavera Hair Products, is a brand present for more than 20 years in the beauty industry. Its high quality products have made it famous, and particularly, with its Split-Ender ® PRO product. The Split-Ender ® PRO is a unique and revolutionary invention patented worldwide. It is specially designed to cut damaged and split ends of hair without losing length.

The Split-Ender ® PRO, a revolutionary product for your hair

The Split -Ender ® PRO Split End Cutter makes hair softer, healthier and silkier by cutting away all unwanted split ends. It is a device of the highest quality, manufactured with the most rigorous standards. Equipped with a new technology, the Surgy- Trim™ system, makes it possible to safely cut the ends of damaged and split hair while preserving the quality of the hair for long and healthy hair.

A smart and safe design for your hair

The Split-Ender's unique, patented plates are specially designed to guide strands of hair so they enter and exit evenly through the "strand guards" and to safely guide each hair forcing it straight as it goes. reach the center of the hair plate. The blades cut the tip by trimming the ends where burned, dry, damaged and split ends of hair are most likely to be found. All this, while preserving the lengths, for sublime and healthy hair.

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