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Gama: Made in Italy innovation

At the origin of many innovations such as the straightening iron, Gama has become in 40 years one of the international leaders on the market of professional hairdressing devices. Born in Italy where beauty occupies a large place in society, hairdressing equipment does not only have the ambition of styling, it provides care and protection to the hair. Today, the quality of Gama products is not questioned by any hairdressing professional in the 50 countries in which the brand is established.

Gama's little story

In 1969, Gama observed the effervescence of creativity in hairdressing salons and wanted to be part of it! He invents a tool that none of us can do without today; the hair straightener. Hairdressers and stylists around the world do not miss the release of their new ally. Designed on a large scale, fashion shows and beauty salons will become addicted to it.

Building on its success, the Gama brand is focusing all its know-how and its teams on this new innovation. The objective is to constantly improve the products which are in the catalog. At the end of the 1990s, Gama was able to offer everyone a ready-to-use heating technology in seconds: QuickHeat technology. A real revolution in the work of hairdressing professionals.

In 2010, Gama kept its promise and continued to improve the performance of its hair straightener. He filed a patent for his IHT (Instant Heat Technology) technology which ensures even faster heating time and smooth hair in just one pass. The hair is sleek, supple and shiny and customers are crazy about it. Without putting hair straighteners aside, Gama is now expanding its area of expertise by adding professional hairdryers, curling irons and trimmers for barbers to its portfolio.

Gama around the world

To assert its leadership position across the world, Gama did not hesitate for a single second to invest abroad. As hair texture, hair trends and hairstyling techniques are specific to each country, the Gama teams are keen to be present in the field, as close as possible to the inhabitants. The suitcases are ready, direction Russia, Argentina and China where Gama sets up its Research & Development laboratories. Every day since the creation of Gama until today, the brand's teams constantly monitor the evolution of the market all over the world to be able to adapt and create quality equipment.

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