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GOSH COPENHAGEN: vegan cosmetics and care

GOSH COPENHAGEN is a Danish company specializing in cosmetics, bath, body, and fragrances. Gosh was founded in 1945 by Einer Tjellesen and quickly ventured into cosmetics. The first Gosh product was launched in 1979 and proved to be a quality choice! In the 1990s, the Gosh brand was exported worldwide. Currently, the export of Gosh products has far exceeded the brand's domestic Danish market and the future looks very promising for GOSH COPENHAGEN. Gosh products are sold in over 80 countries!

GOSH COPENHAGEN, a cosmetics brand with warm and vibrant colors that enhances our faces at affordable prices. Coming straight from Denmark, Gosh's beauty imprint offers assortments of stunning shades!
Dynamic, youthful, and super vibrant, this brand from the cold Nordic region will awaken your complexion, beautify your gaze, add color to your lips, and fill your makeup bags.
All products are manufactured in Denmark: nothing better to ensure that all products of the GOSH COPENHAGEN brand embody Danish identity and values. All GOSH COPENHAGEN products are developed using the latest and most modern technologies and knowledge. By working closely with raw material suppliers, the Danish brand Gosh ensures that only superior quality products are delivered to consumers.

The Mission of GOSH COPENHAGEN :

GOSH COPENHAGEN is a forward-thinking brand determined to offer the future of beauty to its consumers.
Quality or beauty is never compromised; GOSH COPENHAGEN is committed to delivering the best of the beauty world to its consumers.
At GOSH COPENHAGEN, quality, creativity, and affordable prices go hand in hand. The Danish brand constantly stays informed about the latest beauty trends to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

To support this mission, the three fundamental values of GOSH are:

• Creativity and innovation,
• Product excellence,
• Strong brand concepts and development.

The range of products allows consumers to find the product that precisely matches their lifestyle and expectations.
Regarding lasting power, shade, and price, Gosh is at the top! In terms of packaging, the Danish cosmetic brand opts for a minimalist style to keep things essential. The beauty and cosmetics industry is marked by major brands, and there is no doubt that Gosh is one of these major brands, appreciated as much by beauty and aesthetics professionals as by individuals.

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