Wellness, succumb to the powers of hair care.

Discover Wellness Premium Product haircare and succumb to the divine power of hemp oil for your hair. Innovative, all Wellness hair care products are rich in cold pressed hemp seed oil extracts, a true elixir with many virtues, packed with proteins and essential fatty acids . Fascinated by the women of Israel and their magnificent hair, the creators of Wellness Premium Product have created 3 professional care lines: Intensive Collection for fine, normal and oily hair, Hydration Collection for thick, curly and sensitized hair, and Platinum Collection for the maintenance of blond, highlighted or white hair. Each of them is composed of products adapted to the specific needs of each type of hair: shampoo, mask, conditioner, serum, ampoule, curl cream or styling treatment. All Wellness Premium Product treatments are vegan , paraben free, sodium chloride free, gluten free and not tested on animals. Short ranges and simple formulas to take care of your hair and the planet. Wellness products are infused with an exclusive microcapsule technology that penetrates the hair fiber. This technology activates the microcirculation of the scalp, which is necessary for new healthy hair growth.


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