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What is Gold & Argan?

Or & Argan is a luxury hair care brand Or & Argan offers ranges of hair products formulated from noble natural elements in order to magnify the hair This brand was produced by the French cosmetics laboratory Nuwee, strongly focused on innovation Through the Or & Argan range, Nuwee offers a range of effective and hair-friendly hair products

The Golden Secret & Argan

Or & Argan offers hair care of exceptional quality, inspired by nature and derived from millennial benefits The secret ? A formulation based on 3 ingredients from nature that come together in perfect harmony: argan oil, 24k gold dust and tiger nut oil

Argan oil : this oil is highly recommended to strengthen, hydrate and nourish the hair fiber thanks to its high content of vitamin E and Omega (6 and 9) The argan oil extracted from the almond also helps prevent aging of the hair by strengthening the cuticle

24k gold dust : this noble and precious natural material is now used in Or & Argan hair care to sublimate hair thanks to its many virtues The gold dust present in the Gold & Argan formulas protects the hair from external aggressions (pollution, humidity, sun) while avoiding the aging of the hair fiber

Tiger nut oil : this vegetable oil is an oil extremely rich in nutritive active ingredients (minerals, potassium, trace elements, etc) Among its many virtues, tiger nut oil allows to give elasticity, softness and shine to hair, without weighing it down

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