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shu uemura art of hair, the caviar of hair care

The shu uemura art of hair brand, known for its expertise in the world of care and make-up, confirms its international reputation thanks to a range of exceptional hair products. Because there is no complete beauty ritual without special attention paid to the hair, the high-end brand develops products intended to preserve, condition or repair the hair. Resulting from the perfect balance between traditional Japanese heritage and advanced scientific research, the shu uemura art of hair hair care lines are among the most successful on the market. Beyond innovative solutions, the prestigious brand offers users precious moments of well-being with a wide range of hair routines available on Beauty Coiffure .

s hu uemura art of hair in 7 exceptional ranges

From treatment shampoo to styling product, Beauty Coiffure acclaims the know-how of a selective luxury brand dedicated to hair beauty. To sublimate women by responding precisely to their needs, shu uemura art of hair declines hair care according to each state and specificity of the hair.

Urban Moisture Formulated with extracts of Moringa and red algae, the Urban Moisture line is aimed at women exposed to urban pollution. Thanks to the purifying shampoo combined with the moisturizing conditioner, the hair regains its shine. Added to this hair care ritual is the revitalizing and antioxidant Urban Moisture hydro-nourishing mask.

Color Luster Allied to colored hair, the Color Luster line, rich in Muscat Rose oil and Goji berry extracts, provides long-lasting protection against color alteration. When using the Color Luster varnish shampoo, the prestigious brand combines a shine-fixing conditioner and a shine-enhancing styling balm for an icy effect with a satin feel.

Silk Bloom The Silk Bloom line deeply regenerates the damaged hair fiber, restoring the silky aspect of the hair. Filled with Argan oil, the cleansing formula combined with the nourishing action of the mask allows the hair to regain strength and suppleness. For anyone looking for top-of-the-range restorative hair care, Beauty Coiffure recommends Silk Bloom products.

Muroto Volume Exit the flat hair without spring! The minerals contained in the products of the Muroto Volume line give the hairstyle a new density. If the conditioner increases the volume while lightness, the mask strengthens without weighing down. Amplified texture and styling effect with this premium hair line for fine hair.

Cleansing Oil The specific shampoos of the selective brand abound in benefits for the hair mass as well as for the scalp. Equipped with a paraben- and silicone-free formulation, the Cleasing Oil line is endowed with high tolerance.

Shusu Sleek and Essence Absolue Accomplice of thick and rebellious hair, the Shusu Sleek line enriched with black cumin oil disciplines and durably smoothes the spikes, curls and frizz. To protect the hair and reinforce the smoothing effect, the Essence Absolue oil and cream from the prestigious brand can be used in addition.

Ultimate Reset Flagship line of the top-of-the-range selective brand, shu uemura art of hair revolutionizes ultra-repairing hair care with Ultimate Reset shampoo, conditioner and double serum. Concentrated in Japanese Rice extracts, the exclusive composition of these products offers optimal restoration to very damaged dry hair.

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