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Kuster, thoughtful mowers

Kuster clippers are a real success story in the hairdressing world These professional tools overturn the hearts of our professionals in the sector thanks to their excellent precision and ease of use Designed to improve the performance and working comfort of hairdressers, Kuster clippers are a guarantee of quality and reliability Be sure of yourself and your equipment with these professional mowers Well thought out, Kuster mowers are design, ergonomic and robust They are perfectly suited to intensive work in a hairdressing salon


Designed and manufactured with industry knowledge, Kuster clippers meet the needs of hairdressers Indeed, intensive daily use of the mower can sometimes be complicated and unpleasant for a person who asks only to practice his passion for hairdressing Kuster mowers are ideally designed for optimal handling and above all, comfortable


In order to offer its users a real cutting and finishing experience, Kuster has worked on the development of numerous cutting accessories Thanks to these excellent quality products, allow yourself and offer your customers precise finishes The different cutting heads, the different clogs and all the Kuster accessories will allow your creativity and your talent to be released!


What could be worse than running out of battery during a performance? You're wasting time and wasting your customer's time It's not professional However, we know that it is complicated to manage recharges between 2 services The Kuster teams have taken this problem into account and respond to it in a very simple way: professional hair clippers with long battery life to make your work easier Choosing a Kuster trimmer means choosing to hairstyle with peace of mind

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