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Revlon Professional, a brand that combines innovation, quality, and passion to offer exceptional beauty products and professional solutions.

Revlon Professional

Revlon Professional is a prestigious brand that is part of the Revlon Group, an internationally renowned company founded in 1932. With a global presence in over 100 countries, Revlon Professional has established itself as a key player in the beauty industry, meeting the needs of hair professionals and discerning consumers.

Revlon Professional Product Range

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of solutions for hair and beauty professionals, as well as for consumers looking for exceptional results. Among our product lines, you will find:
Hair Care: Shampoos, conditioners, masks, and specific treatments for each hair type and hair concerns.
Coloring: Permanent and semi-permanent colorations with vibrant and long-lasting colors, using innovative technologies to protect and nourish the hair.
Styling: Hairsprays, gels, mousses, and other finishing products to create flawless styles while protecting and strengthening the hair.
Skin Care: Cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and masks designed to meet the specific needs of each skin type.

Revlon Equave Professional,
♡ Orofluido Revlon Professional,
♡ 45 Days Revlon Professional,
Nutri color Revlon Professional,
Fanci Full Revlon Professional,
Sensor Revlon Professional,
Revlon Foundation,
Revlon Eyes,
Revlon Lips,
♥ Palettes Revlon,
Revlon Accessories.

Revlon Professional Innovation at the Heart of Our Approach

At Revlon Professional, we believe that innovation is the key to success. That's why we continuously invest in research and development to create cutting-edge products and technologies. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest scientific advancements to ensure optimal results and maximum satisfaction for our clients.

Revlon Professional Training and Partnerships

Revlon Professional is proud to work closely with hair and beauty professionals. We offer regular training sessions and workshops for hairdressers, beauticians, and makeup artists to share our expertise and help them develop their skills. Additionally, we support emerging talents by participating in beauty events and competitions.

Revlon Professional Committed to a Sustainable Future

Revlon Professional is committed to preserving our planet and promoting sustainable practices. We actively work to reduce our ecological footprint by optimizing our packaging, using environmentally friendly ingredients, and fostering ethical partnerships.

In conclusion, Revlon Professional is a brand dedicated to excellence, innovation, and a passion for beauty. We are proud of our heritage and determined to continue pushing the boundaries to offer products and solutions that meet the needs and aspirations.


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