Eyelash Design Company

Eyelash Design Company

Established in 2006 by Beverly Piper and Christina Jenkins, the English brand Eyelash Design Company is one of the world's leading eyelash and eyebrow makeup Its commitment to research and development has led to cutting-edge innovations in the makeup market for eyelashes and eyebrows Professional grade mascara compatible with LashFx line extensions, semi-permanent eyeliners, eyebrow tinting powders and BrowFx brand revitalizing fixing waxes, powders for eyebrow resurfacing or felts for coloring, all Eyelash products and care Design Company combines practicality and performance Waterproof and revitalizing, they are irreproachable and allow to give depth to the look, more volume to the eyelashes and beautiful shaded shades to the eyebrows

Eyelash Design Company also innovates in the field of Magnetise Magnetic False Eyelash Extensions, which gives length and volume with a natural effect To pose without glue nor serum, they are reusable and do not damage the eyelashes Because the brand is always at the forefront of trends, it has also been able to adapt to the new demand for express care and compact makeup product to take everywhere

You will find on Beauty Coiffure the three lines make-up eyelashes and eyebrows of the English brand:

    • LashFx

LashFx is a line of professional quality mascaras, eyeliners and serums that are easy to apply All these makeup products are compatible with eyelash extensions

- Volume Up mascaras give instant volume to all eyelashes in a single pass, thanks to a special formula and a soft latex brush Washable with water, they make it easier to remove make-up

- Semi-permanent liquid eyeliners add depth to the look The fine point of their pen allows a precise application without burr

- Transparent mascaras make it possible to give   shine with natural eyelashes as extensions Respectful of eyelashes and i ncolores, they do not need to be removed at the end of the day

    • BrowFx

The BrowFx line includes eyebrow makeup that creates precious shadow and depth effects Easy to apply, nourishing and revitalizing, powders, pens and make-up markers offer impeccable hold

- The complete cases consist of a nuanced palette of subtle powders, both to shade the eyebrows and highlight them Natural shadows or dark looks, all effects are allowed

- The compact housings combine color powders and fixing waxes for an impeccable hold

- Double-ended eyebrow pencils make it possible to draw the eyebrow area with great precision for a natural and lasting make-up

- Simple and fast to use, the pens are made to color and fill the eyebrows in no time, while the powder pens make it possible to quickly redefine the eyebrows while adding color to them

    • magnetise

A true revolution in the eye makeup world, magnetic Magnetise false eyelashes give length and volume without glue or adhesive They arise by simple attraction of a magnet and remove just as easily Lightweight and reusable, they are compatible with lenses and can be used on makeup eyelashes or not Healthy, they contain no toxins and do not damage or discolor natural eyelashes

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