Mulato Philosophy

At the origin of the brand is the awareness of a hairdresser of the risks to which hair professionals are exposed daily. Patrice Mulato, himself allergic, then developed in 2007 an alternative to traditional hair dyes, offering for the first time in France natural repigmenting treatments...

Patrice Mulato believes in a new beauty: natural, French, healthy, and unapologetic... A beauty that respects everyone. For the brand, its role is to reveal it through healthy products with proven professional effectiveness, pure ingredients directly extracted from nature, respectful of humans and the planet. Patrice Mulato supports women, men, hairdressers, and all their clients, to help them be proud of who they are, to be in line with their values and beliefs. This new beauty signed by Patrice Mulato is more responsible, ethical, free, and alive.

Mulato Commitments

• French Manufacturing with quality craftsmanship
• Naturalness with an average of 97% natural origin ingredients and guaranteed without parabens, silicones, ammonia, resorcinol, hydrogen peroxide, and PEG.
• Eco-responsibility with 100% recyclable bottles (no overpackaging, recyclable raw materials, recycled paper, waste sorting...).
• Sincerity with transparent packaging providing information on ingredients and the naturalness rate of the products.
• Solidarity as the majority of products are packaged in an ESAT, an association whose aim is the social and professional integration of disabled adults.
• Ethics: the products respect the planet, hair, and skin and have not been tested on animals.
• Effectiveness: all products are tested and approved by professional hairdressers, in real conditions, in salons.

Mulato Ingredients

All Patrice Mulato products are formulated from nature. The brand always prioritizes natural active ingredients and ingredients to offer formulas with an average of 97% natural origin ingredients. Patrice Mulato hair products therefore mainly contain natural active ingredients such as: plant or mineral extracts, vegetable oils or waxes, natural materials transformed by physical, chemical, or microbiological processes validated by all organic labels and respectful of the environment, and natural surfactants mostly derived from coconut oil, which serve as a cleansing base.

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