Or & Argan - 24 Carat Gold Hair Care

Discover Or & Argan , a range of precious illuminating hair care based on 24k gold , argan and walnut oil . Formulated with natural elements, the Or & Argan routine is the secret to incredible shine and vitality for your hair. It repairs, exalts, preserves and sublimates the hair without weighing it down. This range of 8 references includes a shampoo , a mask and an illuminating fluid in different formats. Complete your Or & Argan hair routine with Sun Active photoprotective complex and Total Radiance 3-in-1 hair care . This prestigious brand has taken care to select its ingredients for their unequaled virtues. Noble and precious, gold is the only natural element that does not oxidize and is resistant to time , water, cold... Its precious antioxidant properties make it a powerful ally to protect the hair fiber from aggression. exteriors and stimulate cellular tissues. Extracted from almonds, Argan is renowned for its cosmetic effect (shine, softness, suppleness) but it also plays an important role in cell renewal and the neutralization of free radicals . The third magic ingredient in Or & Argan is tiger nut oil , selected for its richness in protein, vitamins and nutrients. It gives hair elasticity and lightness .

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