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Discover the professional treatments of aromatherapy specialist Decléor. Find a complete range of natural face care products based on essential oils and experience the benefits of essential oils to take care of your skin. There is a Decléor treatment for all skin needs: The Neroli Bigarade range which will hydrate the most dehydrated and dry skin. These products will protect the skin for 24 hours, while providing suppleness, freshness and comfort thanks to a wide choice of textures. The Magnolia Blanc range, which will reshape, restore volume while reviving the vitality of the skin, the global anti-aging range par excellence. The Mandarine Verte range is perfect for skin lacking radiance. Rich in antioxidants, it effectively prevents the appearance of signs of aging. The Romarin Officinal range is the range for combination and oily skin prone to imperfections. It is specially designed to treat, purify, rebalance the skin while fighting against imperfections.

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