Sibel is a qualitative brand well known to beauty professionals since it is aimed at both large salons and small institutes Hairdressers and beauticians use her everyday electric hairdressing equipment as her aesthetic material Nail salon has even become a specialty of the brand with a wide range of products dedicated to nail-art

Electric hairdressing equipment
Under the Ultron brand, Sibel designs and develops a range of state-of-the-art electric hairdressing equipment Between curling irons, waving irons and embossing irons, each device creates all kinds of curls Ultron hairdryers and mowers allow stylists to imagine any cut

From small objects that simplify coloring to hair curlers and other hair clips, each Sibel accessory is designed to simplify the hairdresser's job and maximize customer comfort

The nail
Expert gel nail, Sibel Nails offers all the equipment of nail-art Varnishes of all colors, tips and pens for decorating nails, UV lamps and sanders, the nail salon benefits from its own products, as well as professional aesthetic equipment

Esthetic material
Beauty does not stop at the nail salon or electric hair equipment, Sibel offers all the aesthetic material needed to create a complete beauty salon For home beauticians, the professional cosmetic case contains everything For the beauty and spa areas, the equipment goes from the massage chair to the waxing table

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