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Discover our selection of hairdressing furniture, and find many product references to equip your hairdressing salon with major recognized brands in the hairdressing sector such as Sibel , ShopHair and AGV Mobilier . Find service tables , hairdressing stools , washing tubs , hairdressing chairs , mixer taps and hand showers, neck protectors for washing tubs , wall or classic footrests , booster cushions and hairdressing vacuum cleaners . Good quality furniture is essential in a hairdressing salon, both for the comfort of the client, but also for that of the hairdresser. His selection is therefore not to be taken lightly. But the design is just as important, the furniture must thus meet certain aesthetic criteria of the hairdressing salon. What is the essential furniture to have in a hair salon? The hairdressing chair is the furniture that must be invested in priority. You will find different models according to their use, colors... But above all, choose a specific chair according to the service you are performing. If you want to perform barber services, it is best to equip yourself with a chair specially designed for this purpose. These are special models, which can be tilted as desired to facilitate the client's shaving, while providing unparalleled comfort. They are often equipped with a headrest and an adjustable support for the feet and legs. For hairdressing, in addition to the chair for the client, it is important to invest in a hairdressing stool for cutting, but it will also be useful for manicures or makeup. Choose from different models such as stools with rolling legs or with a flexible backrest. Another essential supply for a hairdresser, the washing tub. It allows you to shampoo, color or even rinse. There are, again, different models to choose from depending on the design or its use. If your services take place in a living room, choose a ceramic tub with an integrated armchair. If you are a hairdresser at home, opt for a portable head wash which will be much more practical and light. Then, you can invest in accessories, which will increase the comfort of your customers and yourself, such as wall-mounted or classic footrests , booster cushions and hairdressing vacuum cleaners .

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