Olaplex, the # 1 Californian skincare product in its category in the United States

Made in the United States in 2014, Olaplex is a revolution in the hairdressing world and its 47 international patents prove it Hair damaged and sensitized by the technical services of coloring, bleaching, sweeping, shaping Olaplex comes to your rescue by acting as a bandage , thus avoiding breakage of the hair fiber The products in the Olaplex range derive their virtues from a unique synthetic ingredient kept secret , free of silicones, mineral oil, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and above all, not tested on animals In short, a respectful formula for healthy beauty 8 products will be applied in 8 steps according to a specific professional ritual These revolutionary treatments will give your hair more shine , more softness and more strength , prolonging the hold of the color

From living room to home

The Olaplex ritual is carried out in 8 steps for a complete and deep renovation of the hair The Olaplex ritual begins in the Salon, with steps 1 and 2 of the range, then continues at home

Olaplex n ° 1: Blond Multiplier is incorporated directly into technical products (coloring for example) to rebuild as the hair degrades
Olaplex n ° 2: The Bond Perfector is used once the technical service is finished and the hair rinsed, to complete step 1
Olaplex n ° 3: The Hair Perfector is applied at home, once a week, before shampooing It extends the benefits of salon treatment
Olaplex n ° 4: Bond Maintenance shampoo , for all hair types, cleanses and restores strength and shine to hair
Olaplex n ° 5: Bond Maintenance conditioner and its bridge-strengthening technology, to be applied after shampooing (step 4)
Olaplex n ° 6: Bond Smoother styling cream will discipline and sublimate your hair for 72 hours thanks to its anti-frizz action
Olaplex n ° 7: Bonding Oil treatment oil will complete your Olaplex ritual by providing your hair with thermal protection up to 230 ° C
Olaplex n ° 8: In 2021, Olaplex is inventing the Bond Intense 4-in-1 moisturizing mask, to increase results tenfold

If you do not go to a Salon and do not want to do technical services, Olaplex suggests replacing steps 1 and 2 with treatment n ° 0, the intensive Bond building Designed by hairdressers, this pre-treatment treatment is used before step 3 and strengthens the hair before a deep treatment

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