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Solaris bleaching products by Eugène Perma. You will find in this category of Eugène Perma bleaching products, several types of products for different tones of bleaching. Possible lightening from 2 to 9 tones. For light brightening up to 2 tones, consider Brightening Shampoo, Brightening Jelly and Brightening Spray. These Solaris products are practical for individuals or beginners in bleaching. These products are easy to use and will have a light and progressive result. For hairdressing professionals, the choice is vast and allows greater bleaching and therefore greater lightening. The textures are different to allow hairdressing professionals to use the products of their choice and with which they like to work: bleaching oil (4 tones of lightening), lightening cream (5 tones), bleaching paste (7 tones) and bleaching powders (6/7/9 tones). The products are numerous and allow infinite creativity with Solaris products. Eugène Perma and its Solaris range accompany you, individuals and/or hairdressing professionals, throughout the bleaching process by also offering you post-bleaching products. Solaris neutralizing milk or Solaris make-up remover for care after bleaching. To test and approve.

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