Eugene Perma - Solaris

The absolute blond expert, the range of professional and ultra-perfoming fading to achieve the most beautiful blonde. The expert range of blonding meets both the need for clarification and personalization of colorists and the desires of consumers. STEP 1 : lightening : 4 technical products to achieve your full head discolorations and your wicking techniques and 2 products dedicated to the realization of wicking techniques only. Complementary tools, a make-up remover and a neutralizing milk complete the range. STEP 2 : Customization : Solaris offers 4 toners for pre-empting, neutralizing, and shading fading backgrounds after a Solaris technique has been completed.
With Solaris, you get all the degrees of lightening, from 2 to 9 tons, with maximum respect of the fiber, in complete control.

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