Eugène Perma

Eugène Perma

Founded in 1918, Eugene Perma is a century-old French brand of hair products Its products originally distributed to hairdressers have made its reputation Distributed in 40 countries, it has also conquered the general public by the quality of its shampoos, care and colorations for women and men Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, proximity and creativity are the fundamental values upheld by the company Experts in coloring and care products, Eugene Perma laboratories have launched specific ranges:

- Solaris includes 7 very technical fading products to get all blond regardless of the degree of lightening sought

- Essential is a Eugene Perma range dedicated to hair care Essentiel brings together ultra-efficient treatments to treat all hair problems

- Nature collection includes styling products and BIO certified skincare products Designed from natural elements selected for their qualities, Eugene Perma's nature collection range is validated by Ecocert and bears the Cosmebio® label

-The Artist range consists of products to achieve all the styling and fixing effects for men and women Gels, foams or fixatives can discipline all hair The Lissit + and the Pump Up Spray are the star products of this range which allows to create hairstyles to infinity

-The Blush range is at the forefront of styling with very innovative products Eugene Perma imagined colors that do not damage the hair Easy to apply, the 25 shades of the color chart give a boost to a hair color or correct effects such as yellowing Blush products have no effect on the roots They fade after 10 to 15 shampoos and require an exposure time ranging from 15 to 30 minutes to obtain subtle or original colors

-The Carmen range remains the reference for fans of permanent color Eugene Perma has expanded its iconic range Now, it has 105 shades that can blend together to meet the needs of the most demanding professional colorist It is divided into three categories:
-The shades and reflections
-The chromatic ones
-The super brighteners

The entire Carmen range is formulated with 3 extracts of vegetable oils (copra, castor oil and rapeseed) They promote excellent penetration into the hair and completely cover the white hair The color rendering Carmen is deep and bright to sublimate the hair

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