Professional hair straightener

In the professional world of hairdressing, the quality of the tools is essential to ensure exceptional results and satisfy the most demanding clients. Professional straighteners are essential tools for creating smooth, silky, and healthy-looking hairstyles. Our range includes products from ...

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Frequently Asked Questions - Professional hair straightener

Do you have some questions about this category of products? Take advantage of answers to the most frequently asked questions about it :

When to change hair straighteners?

If you notice that your straightener is taking longer to heat up than usual, that's already a bad sign. Also, if the plates of your straightener start deteriorating (the material peels off or crumbles) or if you notice that your straightener is causing more damage to your hair than usual. Then, it's time to change your straightener.

Which hair straightener to choose?

It depends on the nature of your hair. If your hair is thick, difficult to straighten, or very sensitized, it is best to opt for a steam straightener. If you have normal hair, then a classic straightener will suffice. Finally, if you want to be able to straighten your hair but also create curls/waves, then ghd stylers are perfect for you.