Xanitalia, a world leader

World leader in depilatory waxes, the Xanitalia brand is an Italian company that develops, designs and manufactures innovative products. Its specialties are organized into four ranges:

Professional depilatory waxes:

The Xanitalia range of depilatory waxes offers a wide choice of depilatory modes: disposable wax cartridges for all skin types, hypoallergenic warm wax lozenges for sensitive skin, pot wax for dry and chapped skin, traditional wax in the form of pebbles for hair removal all over the body, lukewarm disposable wax to be removed with strips ...

Wax epilator devices:

Xanitalia waxing devices include everything you need for clean, long-lasting hair removal. Cartridge heaters are used to melt lukewarm wax cartridges. The combined cartridge heater and wax heater operate simultaneously or independently as required.

Lotions and solvents:

Xanitalia lotions and solvents finalize hair removal sessions to perfection. Lotions based on vegetable oils remove in one pass the residues of heated waxes while offering a toning action and a pleasant sensation on the skin. Along with lotions, solvents clean hair removal devices and remove all traces of wax in a jiffy.

Hair removal kit:

Each Xanitalia hair removal kit is compatible with any professional waxing device. The Classic Hair Removal Kit includes depilatory strips, cartridge heater, disposable wax cartridges and post waxing oil. From the hair removal kit for sensitive skin to that for delicate areas or for normal skin, each pack is completed with tailor-made lotions and solvents.

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