For over 40 years, Wella SP has been one of the biggest names among hair professionals.

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Wella SP

The story of Wella SP

For over 40 years, Wella SP has been one of the biggest names among hair professionals. The hair care products developed by this prestigious brand give life to dry, damaged and mistreated hair by color or heat. The success of SP is based on perfectly calibrated recipes that make it possible to formulate care and styling products that intensely nourish the hair fiber without weighing down the hair. Each treatment is made from a high concentration of lipids to restore shine and vitality. Lipids also make it possible to strengthen keratin for hair that remains healthy and knows how to protect itself from daily aggressions. What is special about SP hair styling products? Professional quality care that adapts to all types of hair to meet every need, repair damaged fibers and energize the entire hair. System Professional is constantly developing new ranges of hairdressing products so that everyone can find the treatment that suits them. From daily oil shampoo for in-depth treatment, to deeply hydrating mask, the SP brand offers a wide range of treatments for healthy hair.

The Wella SP ranges

The Color Save range is aimed at women who are used to making colors or discolorations. Even if the latter are performed by professionals and the products are of excellent quality, the colors weaken the hair fiber and make it dry and brittle. Color Save treatments repair damaged hair and allow the color to shine for longer in order to space out the colorings as much as possible. 3D Protect technology has been developed with beeswax and olive leaves for intense nutrition and an anti-UV protective veil. Shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in treatment, the range is perfect for taking care of colored hair on a daily basis.

Extremely effective, the products in the LuxeOil range provide an incomparable sensation of freshness and lightness. Formulated with argan oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, Luxeoil treatments strengthen keratin and quickly penetrate the hair fiber for instant repair. Day after day, the hair is noticeably softer, lighter and more comfortable to comb. They are also more resistant to daily aggressions such as pollution or the heat from irons and straighteners.

Looking for natural products without sulfate, parabens and silicones? The Essential range meets the expectations of all people who want to take care of their hair and the environment. Developed with minerals such as zink, iron, copper, silicon and magnesium, Essential treatments revive hair without suffocating it with chemicals that are harmful to their health and to the aquatic environment. Hair regains its natural balance, shine and strength thanks to professional quality care. Shampoo, conditioner and mask provide intense nutrition day after day for perfectly healthy hair.

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