Voesh imagines and creates care for ready-made and single use Spa Since its launch in the US, the concept and quality of the products developed by the American brand has attracted professionals of aesthetics It reveals a wide range of packaged foot and hand care kits to save time and be easily used In addition, plant formulations are certified healthy and environmentally friendly Each body care is designed without parabens, gluten, chemicals, phthalates, vegetable oils and animal abuse Essential values for the cosmetics brand

Voesh hand care

The range dedicated to hand care includes individual manicure kits nicknamed Mani in a box

    • The principle: each box offers everything needed for a manicure, without the need for water As each kit is only used for one person, hygiene is reinforced and waste is forgotten

    • The institute application: after applying a disinfectant hand lotion, we use the unique doses of sugar scrub and mud mask and massage cream also included

    • The cosmetic formulation: each body care is here designed to moisturize and nourish the skin The composition based on green tea reinforces the immediate sensation of freshness on contact with the epidermis

Other flagship products favored by each beauty institute , collagen gloves These hand treatments also simplify manicures Pre-impregnated with a moisturizing and repairing emulsion, these gloves act as a mask for the hands Just put them on and let them act


Voesh foot care

This same principle based on a simplified cosmetic art is declined with the wide range of foot care Pedi in a box They allow to realize pedicures in single dose according to the needs of each aesthetic institute Each kit includes: sea salt, sugar scrub, mud mask, massage cream

Also designed to simplify the task of every aesthetic professional and meet the expectations of bruised feet, Voesh collagen socks offer a turnkey cosmetic solution for a successful pedicure They are pre-impregnated with a moisturizing emulsion rich in collagen and argan oil to offer a repairing body care It only remains to put them on and let them do their double action to say goodbye callosities

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