Vitality's, the beautiful Italian

You probably know the Italian brand Vitality's? Now widely recognized by professionals, the Vitality's brand offers a complete range of high quality, designed to enhance style and improve the well-being of customers Specific solutions for color, shape and styling of hairstyles, with great added value: the creativity and the experience of made in Italy Vitality's is a Farmen laboratory brand created more than 50 years ago in Italy Today recognized by many hairdressing and styling professionals, the Vitality's brand offers innovative products while ensuring their accessibility The objective is to conquer hair salons around the world to support them every day

With its many years of experience, Farmen laboratories have acquired a great deal of experience in hair products In search of innovation, they are attentive to the market and continue to work on new products, new technologies, ever more daring promises Their secret ingredient? Direct proximity to their client As simple as it may seem, it is the ability to listen to the customer that allows them every day to offer aesthetics and styling professionals effective, reliable and innovative products for every requirement

A complete offer

Color : Whether you need permanent, semi-permanent, direct or temporary color, everything is available in the Vitality's catalog You will also find everything you need for a discoloration without attacks on the hair
The shape : Tired of your curls or, on the contrary, your straight hair? Test the perm and the Keratin Kontrol and Lixxo straightening products
Care : the Epura, Aqua, Trilogy and Effecto hair care ranges meet the specific needs of each type of hair
Styling: Weho, the range of Vitality's styling did not wait to make themselves known Today, it displays a wide range of products divided into 3 segments: definition, volume and control Perfect for hair-raising hairstyles!
For men : For you gentlemen, Vitality's offers a whole range of hair, beard and body products

A history of values

Farmen laboratories do not hesitate to devote a lot of time and money to R&D Concerned about the bad effects that certain products could have on customers, an entire team is dedicated to performing chemical and clinical tests and analyzes Each Vitality's product is carefully formulated The ingredients are carefully selected for their natural and ecological virtues

Farmen Laboratories also care about the well-being of its employees and teams To protect them as much as possible, the "critical" phases of production have been automated, they support initiatives in favor of working mothers and their children and sponsor numerous events in the region and in schools "We've been doing a lot of these things for a long time, long before 'social responsibility' became a common term, because we've always believed that values like respect for the environment, worker safety, attention to customer and commitment to the territory was a must for any business "

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