Vitale Olive Oil

Vitale Olive Oil

Once upon a time there was olive oil

To create its hair care range, Vitale Olive Oil has bet everything on the olive Full of virtues, olive oil will become the best ally of your Afro hair, dry and sensitized! Powerful anti-oxidant, olive oil hydrates the hair, repairs it and gives it incredible shine In massage, it boosts the microcirculation of your scalp and stimulates the hair follicle, accelerating the growth of your hair Olive oil detangles and disciplines Regardless of its method of application, it is a real natural miracle for damaged hair On dry or damp hair, olive oil treatments are now recognized by professionals

Vitale Olive Oil sublimates Afro hair

Vitale did not miss this, which created Vitale Olive Oil, a range of natural products with olive extracts In total, more than 20 products are formulated to meet the needs of Afro hair, which is often brittle, dry and sensitized Designed with an understanding of the issues associated with this type of hair, the products in the Vitale Olive Oil range are quickly appreciated and recognized by professionals in hairdressing salons and by clients who see the results immediately The treatments in the Vitale Olive Oil range target various hair problems; straightening, hydration, anti-breakage, growth, through many products: shampoo, mask, oil, serum and even cream

Hair Mayonnaise Revolution!

THE miracle product of Vitale Olive Oil; the Hair Mayonnaise Formulated with olive oil, natural plant extracts, oat and egg proteins, the Hair Mayonnaise mask is a real concentrate of vitamins for your Afro hair This widely recognized hair treatment repairs, regenerates, hydrates and gives strength to damaged hair fibers Straight or curly hair is more disciplined while keeping its lightness The ingredients present in Hair Mayonnaise will also bring all the shine you dreamed of for your hair Your hair will tell you THANKS!

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