In nail beauty, the Vip brand alone reflects Italian excellence Specially designed for beauty salon professionals, Gel Polish or One-step nail polishes are developed in innovative textures to create new techniques for nail polish

Semi-permanent nail polish gel that applies as easily as quickly, the manicure lives its small revolution with Vip Ungular prosthetists benefit from exclusive and high quality products articulated around two major ranges:

Vip Gel Polish range offers a particularly pigmented semi-permanent nail polish Its consistency is closer to nail polish than gel but the brand has been able to keep it a good fluidity, even after opening As a result, all Gel Polish semi-permanent nail polish is easy to apply

The Vip One-step range sounds like a small revolution in the nail world A single layer of polish is enough and in five minutes you get a professional result that can last at least two weeks

Not to mention that Vip develops its semi-permanent One-step varnishes in a very wide range of colors Discover a maximum of varnish colors throughout the year as well as capsule collections that complete the range regularly From red "Ooh La La" to metallic blue "Monte carlo" to intense blacks or chic browns, variations in varnish colors have no limits

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