Urban Keratin

Urban Keratin

Urban Keratin

URBAN KERATIN Keratin to repair your hair in depth!

In 2010, the Urban Keratin brand was born from the meeting between Mélanie Audouin and Bernard Bigiaoui This brand specializes in professional Keratin-based hair straightening products, it is at the initiative of an innovative Brazilian smoothing concept! Urban Keratin smoothing is revolutionary because it reduces curl up to 90%, for exceptional hold for 3 to 5 months

The notoriety of Urban Keratin is very quickly to go, in France and abroad The Urban Keratin ranges are developed with the greatest respect for European conformities French quality is found in every line, through deep and lasting care The BLONDE and BRUNE FROM ST TROPEZ ranges are the result of this know-how, thus developing the glamorous image of this French brand throughout the world

Today, Urban Keratin has clearly expanded, it presents various ranges suitable for blondes for brunettes, and for all other types of hair The brand is also the leader in the French market for Brazilian straightening products The success of Urban Keratin transcends borders because it is distributed in 25 countries and offers 11 ranges since its creation This is why it meets the needs of all types of hair: afro, frizzy, curly, natural, colored, highlighted, curly, thin and thick or sensitized

The different ranges of URBAN KERATINE :

The 11 ranges of Urban Keratin, including the styling range , mostly contain keratin and diamond powder for maximum shine and efficiency The raw materials are selected for their high qualities and the exclusive formulas are developed by the Urban Keratin laboratories The results are immediate and dazzling!

The Urban Keratin range is made from nanoparticles of keratin, formaldehyde-free and is specially designed to repair your hair in depth and smooth ethnic hair in a lasting way ranging from 3 to 5 months The energizing extracts of olive and coconut oil contained in Urban Keratin products restore natural moisture to Afro hair or very dry hair, giving them shine and softness The Urban Keratin range makes hair smooth, freed from frizz and considerably reduces the volume of frizzy and frizzy hair This smoothing range is compatible with all chemical treatments This range is composed of the serum, the mask, the conditioner, the shampoo and the treatment which tames and smoothes the very unruly hair

The Lift Hair anti-aging range : Hair lifting with Ceramide R / Vatinme pp complex to give your hair a youthful boost!

The Urban Plex range : the ultimate treatment for all hair types, whatever the technique used

The Urban Diamant range : Mainly composed of natural Sunflower extracts and diamond powder, the Urban Diamant range is ideal for colored and bleached hair The result of these ingredients, sublimates all types of hair and brings luminosity and shine to your hair

The From St Tropez range : Available in two versions, a version for brunettes and a version for blondes All the products of these two lines are formulated and dedicated to blondes and brunettes Indeed, the Blonde From St Tropez care range is designed to preserve the shine of the hair, while providing softness and shine The range is also composed of purple pigments it reduces unwanted yellow reflections The Brune From St Tropez range is the best ally for dark hair, it intensely illuminates brown to brown hair and intensifies multi-tone highlights

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