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Ultron on the side of hairdressing professionals

Ultron is owned by Sibel. This brand specializes in electric hairdressing equipment reserved for professionals as well as in accessories as essential as pairs of scissors . Ultron was first known for the quality of its hair dryers. Robust, they are designed for intensive salon use. Their ergonomic design facilitates the grip for a good comfort of use. Highly efficient, powerful Ultron hair dryers allow hair to be quickly shaped while respecting its nature. Professionals appreciate the sensitivity of their variable speed drives, perfectly suited to the brushing technique. The brand has extended its range of drying equipment by producing hair straighteners and professional helmets mounted on stands.

Ultron hairdressing scissors

In addition to its line of electrical equipment for hairdressing professionals, Ultron also distributes a large collection of scissors . This essential tool in the exercise of the profession of hairdresser must be of irreproachable quality. Professionals will have the choice between models with straight, concave or toothed blades to make a cut and sculpt the hair in the mass. Made of hardened steel, these pairs of scissors are added to electric mowers with different positions. All Ultron products are manufactured for professional use. Hairdressers and other users will be able to give free rein to their creativity with these ranges of electrical equipment and accessories.

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