Innovation from tradition "reflects the philosophy of the Tondéo brand Launched in 1928 by Adolf Noss, a manufacturer of razor blades in Solingne, Germany, the company officially took its name in 1949 without leaving its original stronghold 80 years later, the brand, distributed in over 60 countries, has become a reference in the world of hairdressing

Tondéo now produces razors, scissors, but also hair straighteners and heating brushes for hair professionals The "Cut" range includes all scissors and razors manufactured and controlled in the company's German workshops The "Technic" range concerns styling equipment with heating brushes, curling irons and hair straighteners

Close to its customers, the brand works closely with them She keeps abreast of the latest news and their needs to improve its production and to release new references To enable them to keep their tools in good condition, it provides them with after-sales service Hairstylists can sharpen their razors and scissors quickly when they feel the blades are dull

Tondéo participates in all major international trade shows Whether it's razors, scissors, clippers or styling equipment, Tondéo provides solutions to hairdressers looking for quality equipment to offer their customers the best services

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