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TIGI® and fashion

TIGI® is one of the leading brands of professional fashion styling products. The products are innovative (shampoos, treatments, colorings, etc.) as well as their packaging.

Launched by Anthony Mascolo, hairstylist and winner of multiple awards, Tigi® is a brand created "by hairdressers, for hairdressers" which offers innovative products, inspiring professional training, creative looks and international shows. Renowned for the excellence of his art, Anthony Mascolo, is an avant-garde hairdresser, an essential reference, an emblematic figure for the generations of hairdressers of the 1980s and 2000s. Since his beginnings, he has never stopped pushing the limits of his creativity by developing artistic and innovative hairstyles. By dint of frustration and to perfect his work, feed his artistic desires, he decided, with one of his brothers, to create a small range of styling for hair. Hair products that hairdressers around the world will adopt from the 1980s!

But the brilliant Anthony Mascolo is not going to stop there! In 2003, he created the Tigi International Creative Tea m, a team of talented designers adhering to the Tigi® philosophy, which has always been to share knowledge, know-how and inspire other hairdressers. A philosophy that Anthony Mascolo implements at Tigi® thanks to continuous training "Tigi® Education" . World-renowned, Tigi® training built “by hairdressers, for hairdressers” focuses on cut, coloring, styling, product knowledge and business development.

With new products initiated by Anthony Mascolo and the Tigi International Creative Team , associated with the Unilever research and development department, Tigi® today offers many product lines, distinguished as distinct brands: Tigi Copyright (used in trade shows), Bed Head , Bed Head For Men and Catwalk .

Buying Tigi Bed head is the guarantee of having styling, top-of-the-range care and being unique! Tigi arouses envy with its Bed head range with vibrant colors and intoxicating scents. The range of Tigi Bed Head hair care works deep, the styling TIGI BED HEAD are for ruffled cups!

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